Company history


FERROBETON Zrt. – CRH Europe Heavyside East: Following the reorganisation of the international holding, our company belongs to the Southeast European group. Subsidiaries:

Hungary - FERROBETON Szerkezetépítő Kft.

Slovakia - FERROBETON Slovakia s.r.o.

Romania - FERROBETON Romania SRL

Ukraine - 3Beton Kft.


FERROBETON is a 100% member of the CRH Group as the leader of the Southeast European “CRH Europe Products SEE” group

The prefabricated reinforced concrete element production plant of CRH built in Ploiesti, Romania merges with FERROBETON Romania Kft.


Acquisition of VSTR Budapest 31

FERROBETON becomes the largest production base in Hungary


BVM Szobeton Kft. – majority ownership

Establishment of FERROBETON Slovakia

3Beton Kft. (Ukraine) – part ownership

Introduction of extruded hollow-core floor production technology, development of the FF product family, construction of logistics buildings


Development of bridge beam family, construction of shopping malls


FERROBETON Dunaújváros Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Element Production Company (later PLC)

IKEA – Architectural Quality Award

BVM-TIP product family – “Product of excellence” mark

ISO 9001 quality assurance system – the first in the industry in Hungary


Development of new product technology and manufacturing of bay structural elements, long-span wall plates, TT panel decks, electric pylon of high stability, granaries and storage facilities with crust-wall structure


Investment, development and improvement of performance


Concrete and reinforced concrete industry works, factory in Dunaújváros manufacturing of sheds, walling block, E-joist and UNI-VÁZ (multistorey superstructure assembled from precast reinforced concrete piers and joists) elements


Concrete elements manufacturing company - fully operational manufacturing of panels


No.5 Building element Factory - predecessor of FERROBETON Zrt. established on the1st of January, 1955


The first ancillary plant for steel and concrete production