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FERROBETON Dunaújvárosi Beton -és Vasbetonelem Gyártó Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (FERROBETON Dunaújváros Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Element Production Private Company Limited by Shares)
H-2400 Dunaújváros, Papírgyári út 18-22.
CEO:Zoltán Vass
Tax number:11104270-2-07 Company registration number:


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Call centertel: +36 25 284 444
fax: +36 25 283 932
Secretariat titkarsag@ferrobeton.hu
tel: +36 25 283 346
fax: +36 25 283 932
tel: +36 25 284 444/ 1383
fax: +36 25 283 303
tel: +36 25 284 444/ 1457
fax: +36 25 283 031
tel: +36 25 284 444/ 1390
Telephone directory
Telephone directory
Zoltán VassManaging Director +36 25 283-346
Gábor Dubróvszky Chief Technical Officer +36 25 283-346
János LengyelSales Director +36 30 946-3590
Szilárd DubrovszkyDeputy Sales Director +36 25 283-346
István TormaSales Manager +36 25 284-444/1383
Erika BurkovicsIT Manager +36 30 668-6116
Ildikó GallaiHead of HR +36 25 284-444/1310
László PetőHead of Quality Assurance and Control +36 25 284-444/ 1360-as mellék
Máté KlemanovitsProduction Chief Engineer +36 25 284-444/ 1400-as mellék
Eörs ThékHead of Design & Development Department +36 25 284-444/ 1390-es mellék
Andrea Sárosiné Olaszi Finance Manager +36 25 284-444/ 1340-es mellék
József GálPurchasing Manager +36 25 284-444/ 1452-es mellék
Szolnok Gábor PintérPlant Manager +36 30 289-1702

Mária HegedűsSite Manager’s Chief Financial Officer +36 30 471-3629

László HáziFactory Manager +30 535-5142
Pécs-Hird László MaulMain Foreman +36 72 537-400

Ferrobeton Szerkezetépítő Kft. Mihály PrekopcsákActing Manager +36 1 225 10 10

Andrea MészárosCompany Director +36 1 235-1039

Norbert MakovínyiProject Supervisor +36 30 948-6226
H-7693 Hirdi út 18.
H-2400 Papírgyári út 18-22.
H-5700 Piroskai út 2.
H-1106 Fehér út 10.

The design process is crucial for the successful execution of our projects and structures. When designing prefabricated structural elements made of reinforced concrete we guarantee that those will meet all technical criteria our Client has specified in their data provision, in conformity with valid standards and regulations

Our supporting structure design department excels amongst prefabrication companies operating in Hungary in its expertise and number. Our colleagues are involved in planning from the start of the project and assist the work of the general contractor, from obtaining permits for the building to creating the detailed design, in order to identify the optimal technological solutions. Upon request of the client, we are also capable of preparing the complete documentation for the supporting structure independently.

Our professionally recognised team is the guarantee that our clients will regard working with Ferrobeton Zrt. as a success story.


In our production halls we manufacture concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete products for both building and underground construction's.

We produce extruded floor panels with a height of 16-50 cm, globally considered as technologically advanced products on a long-bench production line, and also manufacture formwork panels and bridge beams in various cross-sections, even in lengths of over 44 meters. Sandwich or solid fire-retardant wall panels for vertical surfaces with flexible dimensions within a wide range are produced on tilting tables installed specifically for this purpose. In addition to the vertical and horizontal load-bearing elements of building structures we also produce frame bridges, road diversion elements, pylons for overhead cables, and railway concourse and coach bay elements for both road and rail transport.

These products are manufactured using modern formwork systems from raw materials provided by certified suppliers and concrete produced in our own plants.


Our transport service based on decades of experience guarantees the accurate, cost-effective, and careful delivery of products on time.

Our products are special in terms of both weight and dimensions, due to which they can only be transported using professional tools and under special conditions.

Thanks to the geographical location of our sites we can organise and execute the required transport tasks optimally, whether by water, road or rail.


We can undertake complete structural construction works, assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures for underground and building construction with considerable professional background. We possess the most modern DOKA formwork system for structural assembly.

The projects we undertake include foundation works, framework assembly and the construction of the related monolithic reinforced concrete structures, including reinforcing walls, floors and staircases made of reinforced concrete, as well as the construction of industrial floors. We have also successfully cooperated in several railway construction projects.